Creating a Quicker Restocking Process

Creating a Quicker Restocking Process

Cannon Equipment restocking solutions are all about efficiency, designed to be safe and easy-to-use and are built around your operational requirements. ProStock® Series stocking carts are engineered to be durable, using high-strength steel construction with welded frames and powder-coated finishes. They are designed for high capacity and are equipped with heavy-duty shelves to minimize trips to and from the backroom. And their ergonomic design makes this line of stocking carts more comfortable and safer for operators.

Cannon Equipment is equipped to provide the right material handling equipment for specific requirements and is ready to develop the right implementation strategy.

A Better Use of Labor

Labor shortages are among the biggest challenges that grocers, retailers, and manufacturers are facing today. There are solutions, and Cannon Equipment has them. Adding the right equipment for restocking can make the process faster, allowing more to get done with fewer people.

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Save Time, Save Money with Cannon

Cannon Equipment restocking products are designed to boost productivity by carrying more product, being easier to use and operate, and by significantly reducing the staff required to reload shelves. The efficiencies gained save time and money, and build the bottom line.

Reaching New Heights

Patented ProStock ladder carts from Cannon Equipment provide some of the easiest, safest, and most efficient stocking solutions in the industry. These nimble carts handle big loads and also include a convenient built-in ladder that makes it safer and easier to reach products on higher shelves.

Easy to Use

Timing is everything in retail, and the full line of ProStock Series stocking carts from Cannon Equipment are designed and built to be functional and flexible to fit the need. That includes easy access to the sturdy steel shelving that keeps products within quick reach to help speed the stocking process.

Easy to Store

Many models of ProStock carts are designed to fold to a compact size, which allows them to be easily stored out of the way when not in use. Other Cannon Equipment carts nest into each other to help free up space in the backroom.

See Our Proven Solutions for Leading Brands

Even the top brands have material-handling challenges. Read our case studies to see how the Cannon Equipment team of product designers and engineers met some of the biggest.

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