Increase Efficiencies

At Cannon Equipment, we work with our customers to design conveyor solutions that fit their unique applications and convey their packages and products safely and efficiently. With variable drive frequency (VDF) duty motors, our conveyors allow the operator to adjust chain speed to optimize line control – saving chain and linear life and preventing package damage from jams and tip-overs. Line controls also offer a high level of monitoring and integration.

Whether you need to move bottles, cartons, cases, or boxes – empty or full – we will work with you as a consultative partner to understand your unique business and facilities so that we can design a quality package conveyor system that integrates seamlessly within your existing operation.

Get Inspired

We can design a custom package conveyance solution for you.

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  • Highly efficient VFD duty motor gear type allows speeds up to 120 feet per minute to maintain line efficiency
  • Works with all 880 and 882 series tabletop top chains from 3.25” w to 12” tab or non-tab
  • Formed channel construction with open side walls allows for easy visual inspection
  • Tool-less, removable wear liners reduce chain wear and tear
  • Adjustable or fixed rails available depending on application needs
  • Supports and stainless steel hoods and drip pans provided based on applications needs
  • Integrated dividers, shunts, combiners, clamps, and other accessories provided based on application needs