A Cleaner Way to Move

Whether you’re in the dairy or food and beverage industry, look to Cannon Equipment for all of your product conveyor needs. Our custom designed conveyors provide a clean way to move liquid containers from filler, to caser, to cart, and then on to distribution. These conveyors can handle four-ounce cartons all the way up to gallon-size containers.

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  • Accommodates empty and full cases, either single high or stacked
  • Formed channel construction with open side walls allows for easy visual inspection
  • Sanitary design with limited flat surfaces minimizes water and debris collection
  • Variable chain speeds up to 120 feet per minute help maintain line efficiency
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction for rigorous everyday usage as well as washdown applications
  • Tool-less, removable wear liners reduce chain wear and tear
  • Adjustable or fixed rails available depending on application needs
  • Supports and stainless steel hoods and drip pans provided based on applications needs
  • Integrated dividers, shunts, combiners, clamps, and other accessories provided based on application needs