Outbound Handling Solutions

Moving Products Out Safely & Efficiently

Moving Products Out Safely & Efficiently

Material handling impacts the productivity at your facility. Inefficient outbound handling solutions lead to errors and delays, which can cause headaches for your customers. Implementing Cannon Equipment material handling solutions can reduce or eliminate common issues that create delays. When a shipment is ready to be processed and sent on to the next destination, you can count on Cannon Equipment’s products to help efficiently pick, protect and transfer your products.

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Keeping the Process Flowing

From carts that can be stocked and ready to roll into the display case to conveyance systems that quickly move boxes from here to there, the full line of Cannon Equipment material handling solutions is designed to get products into the buying stream as efficiently as possible.

Because each business, storeroom, and warehouse presents its own challenges, Cannon Equipment has made custom solutions its specialty. From concept to design to production, count on the material handling experts at Cannon Equipment to provide the right equipment and systems to keep products moving out the door.

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The Right Equipment for Every Job

  • AgiliFlex powered flexible conveyors
  • Powered picking carts
  • Picking & stocking carts
  • Display carts
  • Security carts
  • Distribution carts

Great Finishes Begin with Great Starts

Doing things right, right from the start, is the best way to begin any process. Cannon Equipment conveyors, carts and other material handling systems are each designed to make sure that the right products, components and parts are right there when needed.

Increasing Speed

Cannon Equipment material handling and conveyance equipment helps move products to get them to their destination faster. That keeps inventory fluid, customers happy, and the bottom line healthier.

Increasing Volume

Staffing is a challenge for every business of every size. Even though crews are smaller, the workload remains big. Material handling equipment from Cannon Equipment is designed to help more get done with fewer operators to boost throughput.

Increasing Safety

With increasing demands of staff, the potential for injury while moving larger loads also increases. Cannon Equipment products are engineered to be simple and comfortable to use, promoting safety and efficiency.

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