Transporting Product


Material handling can directly impact the productivity at your facility.  If you're using inefficient solutions you could see errors and delays causing headaches to your end customers.  Cannon Equipment's material handling solutions can keep those headaches at bay.  When a shipment is ready to be processed and sent on to the next destination, you can count on our products to help pick, protect, and transfer your goods without issues.

Let the experts at Cannon Equipment help solve your outbound material handling needs.  

Featured Products

Flexible Powered Conveyor

AgiliFlex Flexible Conveyor

The AgiliFlex conveyance system expedites the complex process of product receiving, shipping, and cross-docking with a versatile machine that works within any facility, large or small, to reduce costs, gain efficiencies, and improve operations.

ProMove Pallet Buster

This cart was designed to eliminate the need for pallets during transport.  It handles more weight, stacks products higher, performs more efficiently, and has added security features to considerably out perform standard pallets.

ProStock 3 Shelf Cart

This 3-Shelf stocking cart was developed to safely handle the most delicate loads.  The three-self configuration allows for even weight distribution for fragile products.  With the ability to fold up for easy storage, this cart saves space in the back room.