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As you plan for business growth, you need to think about how your conveyance system can meet your existing operational needs but still be flexible and scalable for future growth. With modular powered conveyance systems from Cannon Equipment, you’ll get an expertly designed and engineered solution that works both today and tomorrow.

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Featured System

Flexible Accumulation Conveyor

“Easy” is the word to describe this conveyor system. Simply plug it in and start moving your product from one point to another. This quiet, energy-efficient conveyor offers a cost-effective solution to quickly move large and small products. Versatile enough for use anywhere, the Flexible Accumulation Conveyor can curve around posts, out of the docking door, or around any obstacle in its way. This system can also gain labor efficiencies as it eliminates the need for employees to walk a product down the line – just load your product at one end and let the conveyor do the rest.


  • Flexible configuration allows conveyor to stretch or curve around obstacles as needed; ideal for truck loading and unloading areas and distribution centers
  • Centralized electrical panel allows for easier programming and diagnostics
  • Fully retractable design creates easy storage
  • Large 8” casters allow easy rolling of conveyor with roller locks to keep conveyor in place while in use
  • Start/Stop function accessible from each side of conveyor and at the end of the heavy duty loading section to extend the life of the conveyor
  • Heavy duty loading cart included
  • Light included at end of loading section to assist in truck unloading


Truck loading and unloading areas


HD Loading SectionStandard Section
Roller Height36”36”
Length (Collapsed)12’ 8”10’ 8”
Length (Extended)21’22’ 6”
Weight Capacity350 lbs /ft100 lb/ft
Speed (fpm)7070