Automate Your Production Line with Case Packers

Whether you have new packaging needs and requirements, desire faster line speeds, or have efficiency initiatives, the right case packer can make a big difference in improving your business’ workflows. Cannon Equipment designs custom yet practical case packer solutions to help you with your complex environments and goals. Each case packer is designed to stand alone or be incorporated into an entire material handling system, with integrations for package conveyancepalletizers, and more. View just a sample of the unique case packing solutions we’ve created for our customers.

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Featured Case Packers

Whisperpak™ Caser

When the dairy industry needed a smoother, faster, and easier changeover case packer, we designed the Cannon Equipment WhisperpakTM Caser. Servo-driven precision motion control and energy management technology create a smoother and faster case packing process by eliminating additional motion. And by incorporating a touch screen, we simplified the user experience – letting operators adjust speed, height, and more by simply a touch of the screen.


  • Configurable to run a multitude of square products ranging from four-ounce to 128-ounce., packed either into plastic cases or corrugated boxes
  • Menu-driven product changeovers minimize downtime and setup complexity with the ease of a touch screen
  • Servo-driven actuators provide precision control and higher operational speeds while extending machine life through energy management technology (EMT) 
  • Sliding doors give unimpeded access to caser interior for simplified operator interaction
  • Open frame and doors with grid covered openings allow for easy viewing and sanitary washdown
  • Compact design for drop-in integration in tight spaces
  • Electrical panel with divided high and low voltage sides allows for easy troubleshooting and access to components without the need for special PPE
  • Energy consumption reduced by using primarily pneumatic actuators
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction for rigorous everyday usage as well as washdown applications

Versa Caser

Cannon Equipment’s gravity case packer is an economical and compact all-in-one solution for loading both round and square plastic beverage containers. The unique product dampening design creates controlled single layer product loading and offers the flexibility to incorporate a gripper or vacuum product head for applications requiring multi-layering.


  • Versatile gravity case loading for round and square product bottles achieved with application-specific products
  • Round bottle flow is directed onto wide Mattop conveyor creating continuous pre-staged products either in square or staggered patterns
  • Square product rows are created with auxiliary laner or pusher, depending on application requirements
  • Low-impact product drop technology prevents product damage during gravity loading
  • Compact design for environments with limited space
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction for rigorous everyday usage as well as washdown applications