Automate Your Production Line with Case Packers

Whether you have new packaging needs and requirements, desire faster line speeds, or have efficiency initiatives, the right case packer can make a big difference in improving your business’ workflows. Cannon Equipment designs custom yet practical case packer solutions to help you with your complex environments and goals. Each case packer is designed to stand alone or be incorporated into an entire material handling system, with integrations for package conveyance, palletizers, and more. Here are just a few of the case packers we have created for customers like you.

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Featured Case Packers


Whisperpak™ Caser


  • Servo-driven precision motion control and (EMT) energy management technology
  • Menu-driven product changeovers to minimize down time and setup complexity
  • Easy access and cleaning
  • Open frame design for wash-down applications
  • Small footprint for drop-in integration in tight spaces
  • Able to load multiple product and case types with minimal change over time

Versa Caser


  • Versatile gravity case loading for round bottle products
  • Compact design for applications with limited space applications
  • Low-impact product drop technology
  • Construction is open formed channel design for sanitary wash-down