Inbound Material Handling

Keeping Inbound Materials Moving

Keeping Inbound Materials Moving

Nothing gets done until the loading dock is clear, which is why the speed of processing begins with efficient inbound material handling. An excellent first step in gaining more efficiency and accuracy is to study and adjust the processing of inbound materials. Cannon Equipment works with you to develop a plan that meets your goals while designing systems to streamline operations and maintain high safety standards for employees.

The inbound material handling experts at Cannon Equipment love a good challenge and have yet to be given one that hasn’t been conquered. This is why customers continue to rely on Cannon Equipment.

Efficiency Starts with Speedy Unloading

Cannon Equipment has the products and systems that help retailers, manufacturers, and fulfillment companies get off on the right foot. Designed and built for efficiency, Cannon Equipment products speed up inbound material handling of supplies so they can get on the shelf or the lines quicker and with less effort.

Cannon Equipment can custom design and build a system to match specific requirements or conditions. Material handling prototyping is also available for trial and testing.

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Off the Truck & Ready to Go

Efficiency is a combination of three things: speed, accuracy, and safety. Cannon Equipment’s material handling solutions are each designed to help operators achieve all three.


Cannon products help unload trucks quickly, get products from the dock to the shelves faster, pick orders more efficiently, and hand off orders to customers and delivery partners sooner.


Accuracy with orders is essential and is also made difficult when moving more quickly. Cannon Equipment products are easy to use, allowing operators to focus on their work.


The need to move faster may promote shortcuts and carelessness, which can lead to potential injuries for both employees and customers. Cannon Equipment products are designed with ergonomics in mind to help prevent injury and provide clear sightlines.

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