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Faster, More Efficient Picking

Faster, More Efficient Picking

In the era of eCommerce and Click and Collect, finding ways to be more efficient has never been more critical than it is now. Cannon Equipment is on the leading edge of efficiency, developing equipment and systems that accelerate order fulfillment, improve accuracy, and make the shopping experience more convenient for customers. If there’s one thing Cannon Equipment knows about consumer behavior, it’s that convenience matters.

Practical solutions to unique challenges is what Cannon Equipment is all about, providing the right material handling equipment and devising the right implementation strategies to help run smooth and efficient Click and Collect operations.

Creating a Faster, More Efficient Process

Click and Collect has quickly moved from “nice-to-have” to a necessity. Cannon Equipment has helped retailers, eCommerce, and grocers of all sizes design successful and efficient programs that get orders into the hands of customers faster and with greater accuracy. Whether retrofitting the grocery operation or collaborating with customers to design the right eCommerce solutions, Cannon Equipment has the expertise and product line to help make the process attractive and profitable for any operation

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Improving Efficiency Improves Profits

While there may be many different Click and Collect systems, one key element is the same across all platforms: inefficiencies at any point in the process can lead to increased cost and reduced customer satisfaction. Contact Cannon Equipment to learn about our solutions that improve the effectiveness of any Click and Collect program.

From Warehouse to Handoff, Cannon Equipment is Your Single Source

There are many integrated steps and processes behind Click and Collect, and Cannon Equipment has expertise in each one. Whether it’s a grocery Click and Collect program or a global eCommerce facility, look to Cannon Equipment for support in the warehouse, aisle, staging area, and final handoff.


Dispatching team members throughout a store to hunt down items for individual orders is extremely inefficient. Cannon Equipment will help you organize batch picking so that multiple items can be collected in a single pass.


Cannon Equipment has a full line of order picking solutions, each designed to make the picking process faster and more accurate. Better use of labor and faster order turnaround leads to a stronger bottom line.


While it’s tempting to combine order pickup with other departments such as customer service, Click and Collect customers are hyper-focused on certain needs – primarily speed and accuracy. Cannon Equipment will design and implement systems that help achieve both.

Efficiency and Profitability in Click and Collect Retail

Click and collect is a huge growth opportunity for grocers. Check out our whitepaper on how using a smart and strategic approach can lead to gains in efficiency and profits.

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