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The significant increase in ecommerce sales over the past decade has given rise to entirely new shopping experiences – and expectations. From same-day delivery to augmented reality shopping apps, innovative retailers continue to find new ways of reaching consumers beyond traditional brick-and-mortar locations.

And if there’s one thing we know about consumer behavior, it’s that convenience matters.

Enter click and collect – a retail shopping trend that has been growing in popularity. With click and collect order fulfillment (also called buy online pickup in store, or BOPIS), the customer purchases items on a retailer’s website and then picks them up curbside or in-store – no checkout lines and no waiting for a package to be delivered.

We can provide the right material handling equipment and devise the right implementation strategy to help run a smooth click and collect operation. 

Featured Solutions

ProPick Picking Cart

Designed to increase picking speed and efficiency, this cart offers the best of both worlds: high tote capacity for multi-order picking in a lightweight, nimble format.

Nestable Picking Cart

Easily pick click and collect orders with a cart that’s small enough and light enough to maneuver through narrow store aisles and fold away for easy storage when not in use.

Tote Picking Cart

Totes help you maintain product integrity with the ability to segment multiple click and collect orders for faster customer fulfillment times.


The arrival of COVID-19 and its associated public health concerns has accelerated the growth in a shopping experiences to the point where offering click-and-collect is not merely a convenience – it's necessary to remain in business.

There are many facets to an effective click-and-collect program. At a minimum, an efficient click-and-collect program requires three essential components – picking, staging and pickup.

See how Cannon can help improve your program's effectiveness.

1. Picking

Dispatching team members throughout a store to hunt down items for individual orders is horribly inefficient. Instead, consider batching orders so that multiple items can be collected in a single pass or dividing your picking team into zones to reduce travel time.

2. Staging

Retailers must now contend with traditional inventory management concerns such as space and accessibility. Specialized staging equipment such as cabinets, shelves and dividers can help keep the retail space tidy and inviting for both in-store and click and collect customers.

3. Pickup

While it is tempting to combine order pickup with other departments such as the returns or registry desk, remember that click and collect customers are hyper-focused on certain needs – namely speed and accuracy. And don’t miss out on the opportunity for cross-selling in the pickup area.

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Improve Efficiency With Your Click And Collect Program

While many retailers – either by choice or necessity – have already begun implementing click and collect programs, inefficiencies at any point in the process can lead to increased cost and reduced customer satisfaction. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how Cannon Equipment can help improve the effectiveness of your click and collect program.

See how Cannon can help improve your program's effectiveness.