Keep your customers happy with clean containers

In order to keep your operations running smoothly and avoid downtime, you need to keep every component clean and sanitary. This is especially crucial in food and beverage industries where compliance and regulations require your products to meet certain criteria. At Cannon Equipment, our industry-proven engineering experts will collaborate with you to understand your unique washer needs so that we can design or recommend a solution that truly works for you.

Case washers from Cannon Equipment are easy to use and offer multiple options that are customizable to your operation. Here are just a few of the washers we have created for customers like you.

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Featured Washers


NEW! Side Hill Washer


  • Self-cleaning spray tunnel(s)
  • Self-cleaning filtration
  • Automatic tank drain and water refresh
  • Entire machine deep cleaning in under 15 minutes

Jet Spray Case Washer


  • Multiple sprays bars along with time, chemicals, heated water provide thorough cleaning for case
  • Compact design for applications with space restrictions
  • High volume, anti-clog, stainless steel atomization cone spray nozzles
  • Isolated dual filters with reusable, cleanable bag filters
  • Includes wash and rinse zones with independent water reclamation tanks
  • Includes full top slide type access covers and large sludge cleanout doors for easy access and cleaning

Ultrasonic Case Washer


  • Cases completely submerged in hot water chemical bath
  • Uses ultrasonic wave technology to scrub solids from cases, providing deep cleaning of entire case including inside corners, webbing, and crevices
  • Spray type rinse zone with independent water reclamation tank
  • Isolated dual filters with reusable, cleanable bag filters

Cart Tunnel Washer


  • Tunnel design for continuous cart flow-through
  • Water collection tanks for water reuse and circulation
  • Built in cart conveyance, optional infeed and exit ramps
  • Isolated dual filters with reusable, cleanable bag filters