Seamless Integration

When you need to move cases quickly and safely, count on Cannon Equipment to provide end-to-end conveyance solutions. We take the time to understand your requirements and work together as consultative partners to design a quality case conveyor system that will seamlessly integrate within your existing environment and allow you to move cases safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.





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We can design a custom case conveyor solution for you.

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Clean Conveyor

When our customers in the dairy industry needed a more sanitary conveyor system, we designed the Clean Conveyor. This conveyance system minimizes contamination by eliminating pans, flat surfaces, and other areas where water and debris normally collect. And by using tool-less, removable liners, operators are able to clean the machine themselves – eliminating the need and cost of employing a maintenance technician for the job. The Clean Conveyor is also customizable for in-floor, on-floor, and overhead operations.


  • Simplified maintenance and cleaning saves time and resources
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction for rigorous everyday usage as well as washdown applications
  • Open design allows for easy visual conveyor inspection
  • Tool-less, removable wear liners reduce chain wear and tear
  • Supports provided based on applications needs
  • Commonality of parts simplifies replacement part sourcing and ordering
  • Compatible with N250 plastic chain or side-flexing steel chains