Keep Line Performance Strong

You need to avoid downtime and potential injuries by identifying issues before they become problems – or even catastrophic failures. With inspection systems from Cannon Equipment, you can keep your line performance strong by continuously tracking system components. With the ability to monitor any potential issues, you can schedule maintenance and repairs at times that won’t disrupt your workflow.

Need to Avoid Downtime?

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Featured Inspection System


Pallet Checker™: Damaged Pallet Checker

Identify damaged pallets before they fail – preventing product loss, damaged packaging, and decreased efficiencies. The Pallet Checker is a patented, automated inspection station designed to check all pallet types and reject pallets that are likely to stop your line or damage your products. Integrate this machine into your existing operations or use it as a stand-alone system.


  • Patented design with “key-board” edge sensing
  • A compact and simple operational design that delivers high operational efficiency with immediate payback
  • Configurable to be used as a standalone inspection solution or integrated into to your existing pallet flow material handling system
  • Bad pallet auto reject station, pallet de-stacking, and re-stacking complete line solutions available
  • Easy-to-find industry standard components