Increase Line Speed and Reduce Cost

If you need to effectively reduce labor costs and dramatically increase line speeds, then a caseless automation solution may be the answer. At Cannon Equipment, we solve complexity with simplicity and nowhere is that more evident than in our patented three-phase caseless automation solution, designed originally for the dairy industry but customizable for any industry.

At Cannon Equipment, we leverage proven and practical engineering approaches so it’s easy to train plant operational staff and get them up and running fast. Our caseless automation products also integrate seamlessly into systems designed for dollies or pallets. Here are just a few of the caseless automation systems we have created for customers like you.

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Featured Caseless Automation Systems


Caseless Product Loader


  • Configurable to load gallon products on to rolling dollies or pallets for bulk handling
  • Fully integrated machine includes product pattern forming, loading, pallet and dolly dispensing and conveying, final product wrapping
  • Integrated tray handling for layer support and bottle containment
  • HMI Menu driven operator interface
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction
  • Turned product bottle detection and removal from infeed conveyors
  • Cannon Equipment-built dollies available for seamless integration

Cart Loader


  • Internal product accumulation elevator for continuous operation allowing operation while empty and full carts are being exchanged
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction for wash down applications
  • Auto cart kickout feature
  • Compact design

Container Cart Loader


  • Cart-side frame retention and guides for smooth loading
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction available
  • Integrated infeed and exit powered cart movement provides longer unattended loading