Create a Faster, More Efficient Picking Process

Decrease order fulfillment times and drive higher click and collect sales with a better picking process. We have picking carts designed specifically for easy maneuverability in narrow store aisles so that they don’t interfere with your customers’ shopping experience. These carts also feature shelves for order segmentation, allowing workers to pick multiple orders more efficiently.

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ProPick Picking Cart

Designed to increase the speed and efficiency of picking click and collect orders, this cart accommodates totes for order segmentation and protection and features a low-profile design that doesn’t obstruct operator sightlines.

Nestable Picking Cart

Easily pick click and collect orders with a cart that’s small enough and light enough to maneuver through narrow store aisles and fold away for easy storage when not in use.

Tote Picking Cart

Totes help you maintain product integrity with the ability to segment multiple click and collect orders for faster customer fulfillment times.