Test Before You Invest

Making a significant investment in your organization’s workflows can be a little unnerving. You spend time and energy mapping out a custom solution and you want the confidence of knowing that your investment will support your unique needs.

The right solution can mean producing and moving more product than before, while increasing efficiencies for your organization. However, making the investment decision can feel overwhelming. Prototyping gives you the opportunity to put a custom solution to the test in your environment to ensure it delivers on your expectations before making a full commitment.

Prototypes Designed Uniquely for You

When you work with Cannon Equipment to create a custom solution, we’re with you every step of the way. From concept ideation to development of usable prototypes for real-world trials, we want you to have complete confidence in the performance of the new solution prior to making a significant investment.

Our fully staffed prototype department works in partnership with highly-skilled engineers to create practical prototypes that you can test rigorously in your own organization. This can help you make informed decisions – maybe even modifications if necessary – to ensure the solution does exactly what you need it to.

We strive to create a prototype for you as quickly as possible so you can just as rapidly validate the solution and roll it out to your operations. We understand that the earlier you’re able to incorporate your custom solution into your operations, the faster you’ll see results.

To learn more about our complete prototyping services, contact us today at 1.800.825.8501.