2-Sided Retail Stocking Carts

Model 10970-900

This easy-to-maneuver 2-Sided Stocking Cart from Cannon Equipment is designed to move large volumes of product internally from various locations within a manufacturing facility or retail location. Open sides provide easy access to parts, components, or finished products. When not in use, these two-sided retail stocking carts can easily be folded down for space-saving storage in warehouse racks or vehicles during transportation.

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Product Features

  • 2-sided design allows for easy access to product
  • Includes chalkboard for product identification
  • 1,000 lb. weight capacity

Product Specifications

  • Depth: 21″
  • Width: 49″
  • Height: 71-7/8″
  • Weight: 129 lbs.
  • Load Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
  • Material: Zinc-plated steel
  • Shelves: 2
  • Sides: 2
  • Casters: 2 Swivel, 2 Rigid
  • Caster Type: 5″ x 2″ Phenolic

*General specifications. Cannon Equipment can customize or design a picking cart to match specific requirements.

Effortlessly Move Large Volumes

When you need to move large volumes of products or components, the Two-Sided Stocking Carts from Cannon Equipment make it effortless. Whether you need to move products across a large facility or between multiple locations, these retail stocking carts from Cannon Equipment make it simple and efficient.

Easy Access

Cart features an open design that allows easy access to shelves from both sides while picking or stocking.

Easy Storage

The 2-Sided Stocking Cart from Cannon Equipment is designed to fold to a compact size for storage when not in use.

Long-Term Use

This retail stocking cart is as rugged as it is versatile, with durable construction that holds up to transportation between facilities and in the distribution of heavy items.

With Many Uses

The large shelf surface and locking on these carts makes them ideal to store a large volume of product in various sizes and shapes.

This Cart Takes Stocking to the Next Level

The 2-Sided Stocking Cart is the go-to partner for stockers, warehouse operators, and just about anyone who needs an extra hand moving products or materials.

  • Features an open, two-sided design for easy access from both sides
  • Folding design for minimal storage space when not in use
  • Built tough to hold up to uses such as vehicle transport and distribution of heavy products

Helping You Do What You Do, Better

Not quite the solution you’re looking for? You’re still in the right place. Cannon Equipment offers a complete line of picking, stocking, and distribution solutions, each designed and built to streamline the stocking, picking and sales processes to boost productivity.

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