ProPick®Series Picking Carts with SmartPWR® Technology

Increase Picking Volume with SmartPWR®Technology

ProPick picking carts with SmartPWR Technology represent the next generation of powered material handling cart. SmartPWR brings new levels of safety and productivity, allowing operators to move a variety of loads at the push of a button. Ergonomic controls, customized speed, and high-capacity batteries deliver an instant productivity boost, getting more done in less time.


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Product Features

  • Lightweight, zero-turn maneuverability to make controlling the cart a breeze, and easy to navigate tight turns
  • Open concept allows for efficient picking from either side
  • Powerful motor moves heavier loads with ease
  • Multiple easy-access shelves accommodate a variety of materials including totes, large packages and bulk items
  • Long battery life runs up to two shifts on a single charge
  • Comfortable, ergonomic control handles at your fingertips

Smart Features

  • LED Status Bar: Communicates battery level, power status, and fault codes
  • Operator Presence Sensor: Automatically stops the cart if a person or object is in its path
  • Speed Control: Speeds are preset via supervisor interface ensuring safe and consistent operation
  • Safety Lights: Lights on both the front and rear ends of the cart to identify when the cart is approaching
  • Dual-Button Reverse: Confirms operator is positioned correctly and facing the correct direction
  • Limp Mode: Slows the motor when reaching a low-power level, preserving battery life
  • Safety Beacon: Strobe indicator making it simple to see the cart from a distance
  • Backup Alert: Audible alert signal identifies cart is moving in reverse

Product Specifications

  • Length: 115.25″
  • Width: 26.6″
  • Height: 74.5″
  • Weight: 525 lbs.
  • Shelves: 4
  • Load Capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Speed Settings: Two forward speeds, one reverse. Preset speeds set by supervisor
  • Casters: 4 Swivel; 2 Drive
  • Caster Size: 5″ x 1.25″
  • Caster Type: Phenolic
  • Battery Capacity: 58 Ah
  • Battery Charger: DELTA-Q (650W, 24VDC, ~27A)
  • Finish: Powder-coated black

*General specifications. Cannon Equipment can customize or design a powered picking cart to match specific requirements.

Boost Productivity with SmartPWR

ProPick® Series Picking Carts with SmartPWR® Technology are the perfect solution for businesses looking to increase their picking volume and productivity. With SmartPWR® Technology, these powered material handling solutions provide new levels of safety and productivity, allowing operators to move a variety of loads at the push of a button.

Power & Speed

SmartPWR Technology delivers an instant productivity boost to material handling. The impressive power allows operators to effortlessly move heavy loads at the push of a button. Combine the power with simple controls to enable teams to get more done in much less time.

Boosted Productivity

The ProPick powered picking cart delivers both high capacity and excellent operator visibility. Its unique design provides capacity for multi-order picking while remaining easy to maneuver throughout a facility.

Ergonomic features like easy-grip handles and push-button functionality contribute to getting work done quickly and comfortably.

Increased Safety

The safety features Cannon Equipment has built into ProPick® carts helps protect operators and other employees from material-handling-related injury. When the cart is in motion, SmartPWR alerts those in the area with both audible and visual signals. Additionally, SmartPWR includes an operator presence sensor which prevents the cart from moving forward if a person or object is detected to be in the path of the cart.

Long Battery Life

The work lasts all day, and the cart should as well. SmartPWR technology features a high capacity, 58Ah battery pack that holds enough power to complete more than two shifts between recharging. And SmartPWR technology features an advanced-level battery charger that features built-in technology to optimize the battery charge to ensure longer life.

User-Friendly Design Helps Boost Productivity

During the product development phase, Cannon Equipment engineers focused on designing the ProPick cart to be comfortable for operators. The result is a powered picking cart with several convenient and comfortable features:

  • Ergonomic handles
  • Fingertip controls
  • Zero-turn maneuverability

With its powerful features and user-friendly design, the ProPick picking cart with SmartPWR technology enables operators to make light work of the heaviest loads.

Safety is Built into Every SmartPWR Picking Cart

Keeping employees safe while maintaining high levels of productivity is the goal of every operation. That’s why Cannon Equipment placed such a strong emphasis on safety when developing the ProPick powered picking carts. In addition to assuring that every element of the design was ergonomically sound and that all controls were user-friendly, design engineers included such safety features as:

  • Operator presence sensor
  • Supervisor-selected preset speeds
  • Blue approach lights
  • Audible alerts

The result is the safest, most productivity-boosting picking cart that Cannon Equipment has ever offered.

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