AgiliFlex® Flexible Powered Conveyor

The flexibility operations need for inbound and outbound material handling. 

Expedites product receiving, shipping, and cross-docking with the AgiliFlex® Flexible Powered Conveyor from the experts at Cannon Equipment. This solution makes quick and simple work of moving products to and from the truck – even in tight loading areas. The AgiliFlex Flexible Powered Conveyor is compact yet powerful, built to last, and easy to maintain.

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Product Features

A Flexible powered conveyor can increase efficiency and improve shipping, receiving, and cross-docking.

  • Large swivel casters allow for easy maneuverability in tight spaces and around corners
  • Fully retractable for convenient storage when not in use
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation alleviates the constant need for monitoring product jams or backups
  • Easy to use forward and reverse controls for an effortless transition from inbound receiving to outbound package handling
  • Conveniently located controls make it simple to start/stop the material flow as needed saving time
  • Color-coded drive belts make it easy to identify key areas of the drive system for simple routine maintenance
  • Backed by a one-year warranty giving you peace of mind your investment will perform as good as the first day you purchased it

Product Specifications

  • Width: 30” (28″ roller width)
  • Height: Adjustable from 29.5″- 36.5″
  • Speed: Adjustable up to 120 FPM
  • Roller Diameter: 1.5″, 1.9″ on optional loading cart
  • Axel Center: 3″-5″, factory set
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation: Bed-mounted sensor bar, 1 per zone (optional)
  • Capacity: 350 lbs. on optional loading cart, 100 lbs. per zone
  • Power:
    • Zero-Pressure Accumulation model: 30A, 120V (NEMA L5-30R plug)
    • Transport model: 15A, 120V (NEMA 5-15P plug)

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How To Replace Roller and Belt

Product Options

  • Retractable Side Guides
  • Heavy-Duty Loading Cart
  • Accumulation Sensors
  • LED Light Bar
  • Photo Eye

Build Your AgiliFlex
Conveyor ModelRoller Spacing (in.)Extended Length Options (ft.)Compression Length (ft.)
Short5″ roller spacing40′17′
Short4″ roller spacing33′17′
Short3″ roller spacing25′17′
Long5″ roller spacing60′25′
Long4″ roller spacing50′25′
Long3″ roller spacing40′25′

Other specifications and customization are available. Please contact your Sales Representative for details.

Video: The Flexibility You Need For The Efficiencies You Want In Your Power Conveyor Systems

Watch the video to see the AgiliFlex® Powered Conveyor in action.

Flexible and Efficient Conveyance

The AgiliFlex is a powerful yet flexible way to move items for inbound, outbound and material handling. Transform your business – big or small – by increasing overall efficiency, while reducing costs.

Intuitive Design

Handles come standard throughout the system (on every other leg pair), making it incredibly easy to maneuver into position.

Built to Last

AgiliFlex frame is made with high-strength steel and rugged caster mounts that can withstand uneven surfaces and thresholds.

Powerful & Efficient

Powerful and reliable DC motors move products up to 120 feet per minute getting items from A to B faster and without the need for manual labor.

Power in Small Spaces

The AgiliFlex system is fully retractable and the flexible design makes it simple to quickly move goods in large or small areas and even around tight corners.

The Efficiencies You Want in Flexible Powered Conveyors

AgiliFlex can become your most valuable and flexible tool for inbound and outbound material handling. Easily configured to fit almost any application and facility layout, the powerful DC motors in the conveyance system keep product moving through tight spaces, around corners, and everything in between.

  • Conveniently located controls make it simple to start/stop material flow as needed
  • Color-coded drive belts make it simple to identify key areas of the drive system
  • Applicable industries include: Food & Beverage, Retail, Logistics, Automotive, E-commerce
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty

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Build Your AgiliFlex

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AgiliFlex Flexible Powered Conveyor

The AgiliFlex makes quick and simple work of moving product to and from the truck – even in tight loading areas. The AgiliFlex Flexible Powered Conveyor is compact yet powerful, built to last, and easy to maintain.

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