ProPick Picking Carts

Left: Model 104644-910

Right: Model 104644-930

Our custom tote picking cart enables our customers to increase productivity and decrease errors when picking several SKU orders and small items. This unique design meets customer needs for easy maneuvering in tight spaces and creates added workspace with fold-down shelves when needed. It’s especially useful for fulfilling large e-commerce orders.

Looking for something custom? Cannon Equipment can customize to match your specific requirements. Contact us to learn more. 

Product Features

  • Multiple fold-down shelves offer added workspace
  • Easy maneuverability makes it simple to use in tight spaces
  • Dual-braking system provides added safety

Product Specifications

These specifications are specific to each custom pick to tote cart. Your situation is as unique as your company, and Cannon Equipment can customize or design a tote picking cart specifically for you.

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Not quite the solution you’re looking for? You’re still in the right place. Cannon Equipment offers a complete line of picking, stocking, and distribution solutions, each designed and built to streamline the stocking, picking and sales processes to boost productivity.

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