The latest carts from Cannon Equipment are the ultimate in picking convenience, speed and efficiency. Designed specifically for click and collect fulfillment, these carts feature a low-profile design that doesn’t obstruct operator sightlines – so it’s perfect for grocery and retail spaces. A high tote capacity, and design that makes totes accessible from both sides of the cart allows faster multi-order picking for better efficiency and product protection. These carts can be configured for a variety of attachments like a tool tray, bag holder, trash bin, and handheld scanner compartment keep needed items easily accessible and secure.


Lightweight aluminum frame is durable and corrosion resistant

Swivel, non-marking casters are maneuverable and quiet

Ergonomic grip for comfortable all day use

Foldable shelves to allow for tote storage or oversized packages

Carts can be configured with a variety of attachments including trash collection, tool utility tray, bag holder, or handheld scanners


Six Tote Model

Width: 25″

Height: 48″

Length: 36.3″

Weight: 50 lbs

Tote Capacity: 6

Nine Tote Model

Width: 25″

Height: 48″

Length: 53.8″

Weight: 75 lbs

Tote Capacity: 9