SmartPWR CartPilotTM Powered Material Handling Cart Attachment

CartPilot™ motorized cart mover upgrades your ideal material handling cart with power, boosting productivity.

SmartPWR CartPilot™ powered cart attachment adds power to nearly any non-motorized carts to power up inventory management. Improve employee productivity and keep materials (and your business) moving forward faster with the CartPilot™ motorized cart mover from Cannon Equipment®. Attach CartPilot™ to nearly any cart improve productivity by upwards of 10% or more and witness a 100% ROI in the first year of ownership.


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Product Features

Cannon Equipment’s CartPilot™ motorized cart movers increase productivity, integrate seamlessly, and are easy and safe to use.

  • Reduce strain on employees and improve productivity
  • Seamless integration with nearly any manual cart
  • Easy-to-operate requiring minimal training for employees
  • Robust safety features to protect workers and cart operators

Video: Power Up Your Material Handling

Introducing CartPilot – our latest innovation that adds powered propulsion to your ideal material handling cart boosting productivity and efficiency. CartPilot features high-capacity batteries, a rugged drivetrain, and loaded with safety features to keep your team running at peak efficiency all day long.

Increase Productivity & Profitability with CartPilot™ Motorized Cart Mover

Improve productivity and safety measures with CartPilot™powered material handling cart, a powered cart attachment from the experts at Cannon Equipment. With CartPilot™, businesses can transform nearly any cart into a powered unit that can safely move heavy loads while saving staff time and saving you money.

Seamless Integration

CartPilot™ powered cart attachment works with most existing (and new carts) handling carts to convert a standard cart to a powered cart.

Safe & Comfortable Operation

The CartPilot™ powered material handling cart has convenient and ergonomically designed controls and numerous safety features like reverse object detection, safety beams, strobes, and audible alerts.

Intuitive Operator Controls

Operators can quickly switch between reverse, fast or slow speeds, or release buttons to bring the cart to a quick stop.

Long Battery Life

A powerful electric motor and a long-lasting battery that lasts upwards of 16 hours between recharging, reducing shift downtime.

Enhancing Productivity With User-Friendly Design For Powered Cart Attachment

During the product development phase, Cannon Equipment engineers focused on designing the CartPilot™ motorized cart mover to be comfortable for operators. The result is a product with several convenient and comfortable features:

  • Ergonomic handles
  • Fingertip controls
  • Zero-turn maneuverability

With its seamless integration and user-friendly design, the CartPilot™ motorized cart mover with SmartPWR technology enables operators to make light work of the heaviest loads.

Built with Safety in Mind

Keeping employees safe while maintaining high levels of productivity is the goal of every operation. That’s why Cannon Equipment placed such a strong emphasis on safety when developing the CartPilot™. In addition to assuring that every element of the design was ergonomically sound and that all controls were user-friendly, design engineers included such safety features as:

  • Reverse object detection
  • Safety beams
  • Convenient control buttons


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