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Using the right picking cart for the job maximizes profit by increasing productivity and efficiency. Cannon Equipment’s team of expert design engineers will work with your team to develop a custom order picking cart that makes efficient work of fulfilling multiple orders at one time, minimizing steps, and improving efficiency.

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Picking Carts FAQs

How picking carts increase efficiency

More customers than ever are utilizing ecommerce fulfillment and delivery services for groceries, household essentials and more. Seventy-seven percent of shoppers used “Click and Collect more in 2020 than 2019″. These numbers are only expected to increase. Employees need to have the proper equipment to keep up with these demands and select products safely and precisely.

Increased speed and employee safety are key considerations when looking for the perfect picking cart. Other important factors include the size of the inventory space, the size of the product and the weight of product that must be transported.

How picking carts are used

Cannon Equipment offers a variety of picking cart solutions in our ProPick Series picking carts that accommodate product of different sizes. Our picking carts are used across all industries including:

The Cannon Equipment team is known for developing custom, innovative solutions for our business partners.

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Types of picking carts

Picking carts differ based on industry; however, our picking carts are generally made of zinc-plated steel or aluminum for durability and have load capacities up to 1,000 pounds.

Depending on the type of solution your team has in mind, Cannon Equipment can design and construct a fully functional prototype for you to test. This way, we can be sure it is the perfect fit for your business before a major rollout.

Considerations when evaluating your picking cart inventory

Top considerations involved when choosing a picking cart include the height of the shelves from which product will be picked, the size and density of the products, and the variability of the tasks that need to be performed in one trip (i.e. restocking and pulling product at once.)

In warehouse settings, inbound and outbound material handling follows a tight schedule so transporting heavy loads quickly is of the utmost importance. Cannon Equipment’s higher load capacity carts such as a two-shelf picking cart (1,000-pound capacity) or our powered warehouse picking carts (750-pound capacity) with SmartPWR Technology are perfect for this space.

For retail and grocery settings where space is limited, stock picking carts with more surface area adds versatility. Some of our cart models have up to five shelves for stocking a wide variety of products. Our tote picking carts were also designed to collect and organize smaller products quickly – also a must-have for grocery aisles and convenience stores.

Our team has comprehensive spec sheets available for all products. Please reach out and we can provide you with any additional information you need to know to choose a picking cart.

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