How to replace the roller & belt on the AgiliFlex powered flexible conveyor

We designed the AgiliFlex powered flexible conveyor not only to be efficient but also easy to maintain. To show you how simple the AgiliFlex is to service we created a video to show how the two most common preventive maintenance procedures, replacing a roller and a belt, can be done with ease. 

Step One:
Using a wrench, loosen the bolts on both ends of the roller.

Step Two:
Lift the roller from the bracket and gently slide each end free from the belts. Note the direction of the roller, you will want to reinstall the roller in the same orientation so the belts are correctly positioned.

Step Three:
Inspect the belts and replace any that are worn. To do this push down on the tensioner pully below the roller surface to release it from the mount.

Step Four:
Slide off the worn belt and reinstall a new belt, ensure the belt fits in the groove of the tensioner pulley.

Step Five:
Reinstall the tensioner pulley mount and ensure the belt can freely move.

Step Six:
To install the new roller, insert each end of the roller into the belts then place the roller into the mount. Confirm the roller is orientated correctly so the belts can move in their designed position.

Step Seven:
Tighten the bolts on each end of the roller. Do not over-tighten. With your hand, confirm the roller can rotate in both directions. Confirm belts are correctly seated in their proper grooves and tensioned correctly.