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As you plan for business growth, you need to think about how your conveyance system can meet your existing operational needs but still be flexible and scalable for future growth. With a powered conveyance system from Cannon Equipment, you’ll get an expertly designed and engineered solution that works both today and tomorrow.

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Featured System

NEW! Flexible Powered Conveyor

This powered conveyor system expedites the complex process of product receiving, shipping, and cross-docking with a versatile machine that works within any facility – large or small – to reduce costs, gain efficiencies, and improve operations.

Built on large, locking, durable casters, you simply expand and configure the conveyor around your available space, plug it into any 120-volt outlet and start moving products from point A to point B, while zone-specific zero pressure accumulation technology prevents product impacts. When not in use, the Flexible Powered Conveyor condenses for convenient storage.