Display Product Carts

Model 10841-901

Also known as the Milk Bossy, this Display Product Cart from Cannon Equipment is used to mitigate the tight profit margins in dairy by automating the supply chain and reducing labor costs. Items like milk containers and egg cartons can be filled, staged, and when integrated with a conveyor, can automatically be moved onto the cart. The fully stocked cart can then be delivered to the store and placed directly into the display cooler. The cart’s design also makes it functional for multiple grocery applications, including home grocery delivery.

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Product Features

  • Low-temperature casters for storage in coolers
  • Stainless-steel construction for durability
  • Wire shelving for airflow, visibility, and wash-down applications
  • Rear lift gate for automatic loading

Product Specifications

Depth: 26 5/16″
Width: 26 7/8″
Height: 65 11/16″
Weight: 109 lbs.
Load Capacity: 800 lbs.
Material: Stainless steel

Speed, Efficiency and Touch-Free Sales

Containers can be filled, staged, and automatically moved onto the cart, making the customer the first person to have contact with the product.

Save on Steps

Containers can be filled, staged, and automatically onto the cart.

Save on Labor

Integrates with conveyor and other cart=loading solutions to automate the supply chain and reduce labor costs.

Save on Space

Each cart features a compact footprint that holds up to 80 one-gallon bottles or 180 half-gallon containers.

Save on Shrink

Built with wire shelving for optimal airflow to keep product cool and visible and to make washdown simple.

Creating Delightful Dairy Experiences

Imagine the convenience of having a fully stocked display of 80 gallons of milk ready to go at all times. Imagine the convenience of an automated filling, loading, shipping, and display without anyone but the customer ever touching the product. It’s all possible with the Product Display Cart from Cannon Equipment.

  • Built for the cold with stainless steel construction and low-temperature casters
  • A variety of available caster options to meet requirements
  • Rear lift gate for automatic loading

Helping You Do What You Do, Better

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