Dairy & Beverage Automated Cart Handling Systems

Accumulation systems take conventional coolers to the next highest level of automation. Cart accumulation systems (CAS), and empty cart accumulations systems (ECAS) simplify cart storage, handling and loadout and save labor through automated storage and handling of full or empty CannonCarts®.

Advantages of the CAS

  • Obtain more efficient space utilization in your plant with high density storage buffers
  • Achieve optimal levels of uninterrupted plant production through the continual creation of open storage capacity at the system in-feed (near loader)
  • Improve order picking efficiency with a continual supply of carts faced-off in close proximity to truck load-out
  • Assure proper rotation of product

Modular Components (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) in the Cart Accumulation System Allow for Future Expansions.

Cart Accumulation System

Cart Accumulation System

For more information about our automated cart accumulation systems contact your Cannon Equipment representative.