Bakery Automation

Cannon Equipment is the quality source for automatic basket and stack handling systems

We are one of the bakery industry’s most trusted, innovative and reliable suppliers for commercial bakery automation.

Whether you handle bread and buns using baskets or trays – in stacks, dollies or mobile racks, Cannon Equipment can help you develop a material handling system that meets the distribution requirements of your production line.

From basket unstackers to pattern formers, stackers, stack conveyors and everything in between, Cannon Equipment is one of the industries most trusted, innovative and reliable suppliers for automation after the bagger.

Using automated systems in your bakery allows you to save valuable time and labor while increasing product consistency, product volume and overall efficiency.

Reduced waste
Streamlined flow
Reduced congestion
Reduced product damage
Reduced product handling costs
Reduced repetitive motion injuries
Improved customers timely access to your products


Why Choose CannonMachinery for your Commercial Bakery needs?

• We are your single source with over 60 years experience producing quality material handling products and over 36 years specifically supplying to the bakery industry

• Complete and sophisticated design, manufacturing and installation capabilities

• Ability to custom design equipment and systems to fit any special need and physical requirement

• In-house equipment design, electrical engineering, programming, fabrication and installation

• Advanced controls for high speed operation and integration with existing systems


Download the complete Bakery Automation Brochure and see why CannonMachinery™ is right for your operations and take a look at this complete system video

Bakery Automation System