Superior Quality


Cannon Equipment prides itself on quality products that exceed the expectations of customers. Our engineers design our products with the customer in mind. They understand the environment our products are used in and creates innovated designs to meet those unique conditions. We are invested in every customer’s business and value being a true partner from day one.

Product Categories For Material Handling Carts, Conveyors, and More

Flexible Powered Conveyor

Flexible Powered Conveyors

Engineered to be flexible, operator friendly, smart and secure our flexible powered conveyors expedite product receiving, shipping and cross-docking.

6 tote

Picking Carts

Our picking carts feature a low-profile design, high tote capacity with accessibility from both sides providing easy multi-order picking in a lightweight, nimble format…perfect for click and collect fulfillment.

Distribution Cart

Distribution Carts

We understand that distribution carts need to do more than move products from one place to another.  They need to save you money and increase efficiency.  We produce practical designs with our customers’ challenges in mind.

Stocking Carts

Our stocking carts were designed to securely and efficiently expedite the restocking process.  Our goal was to maximize efficiency and increase the safety of operators.

Security Carts

Protect your high valued products from damages and loss with a security cart from Cannon Equipment.  Our security carts the heavy duty constructed allows for a large load capacity while providing convenient and compact storage when not in use.

Display Carts

Our display carts are required to be flexible and serve multiple purposes.  We know how needs change, and we designed our display carts to meet those needs with superior mobility and lightweight design.

Physical Barriers

Our full line of barriers were expertly designed to provide the distancing solutions you seek with minimal affect to your organizations workflow.  The flexibility these barriers provide, give your endless configuration capabilities to meet any space.