Improve Your Bottom Line

When machines and systems aren’t running at full capacity, your business feels the effects – and the consequences may be more costly than you realize. Preventative maintenance can mitigate many issues that directly impact your bottom line. Some of these issues include:



Of all the types of downtime, unplanned downtime is the costliest, given that no value is being produced and the overhead operations costs continue to grow. Unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion each year.1



When machines aren’t properly serviced and maintained, safety can suffer. The results of compromised safety are often felt through workers’ compensation claims, which can average $38,000 in direct costs and $150,000 in indirect costs, according to the National Safety Council.



An equipment problem never comes at a good time, but with preventative maintenance you can often address issues on your terms and fix them at a time that minimizes negative impact on productivity.

Prevent the Unexpected

When your goals are to keep lines efficient and costs low, equipment failure isn’t an option. Cannon Equipment’s machines can withstand brutal conditions daily, but that doesn’t discount the value of routine maintenance schedules. Cannon Equipment offers preventative maintenance services, fully assessing your operations so you have a clear understanding of your machines’ health.

During each visit, our highly specialized technicians will:

  • Complete a full machine assessment
  • Identify any worn, missing, or non-operative parts
  • Upgrade equipment or replace parts, if needed
  • Provide a detailed report on the machines assessed

Don’t let downtime disappoint your customers or hurt your bottom line. Contact customer service at 1.800.825.8501 x6682 to learn more.

1Source: Industry Week and Emerson, “How manufacturers achieve top quartile performance,” WSJ Custom Studios