CANNON FALLS, Minnesota, Dec. 9, 2019 — Cannon Equipment, a market leader in designing and deploying custom material handling carts, equipment, conveyance, and aftermarket parts, announced today that it has launched the Flexible Powered Conveyor, one of the most versatile, innovative, and operator-friendly conveyor systems on the market.

“Just about any industry can benefit from automated conveyance, but many facilities can’t devote the floor space to a fixed conveyor system. That’s why we designed the Flexible Powered Conveyor – an easy-to-use, plug-and-play option that works in any environment,” said Robyn Walker, President at Cannon Equipment.

The Flexible Powered Conveyor is versatile enough to work in both large and small spaces with the ability to curve around tight corners and condense for storage when not in use. It’s also technologically-advanced with zone-specific zero pressure accumulation technology that prevents product damage throughout the line. And convenient controls and large locking durable casters make it easy for operators to move it into place and operate for maximum efficiency.

“By more fully automating package conveyance, our customers will save money through reduced labor costs and gain efficiencies by using a system that’s convenient and easy to operate and maintain,” commented Walker.   

About Cannon Equipment:

Cannon Equipment designs and deploys custom material handling carts, equipment, conveyance, and aftermarket parts. We empower our customers to safely increase efficiencies and reduce overall costs by leveraging our highly collaborative team of industry-proven engineering experts and agile seasoned support teams with a shared commitment to delivering quality products and service with steadfast focus on customers’ unique goals. In 2014, Cannon Equipment was acquired by Marmon Holdings, a division of the Berkshire Hathaway Company. This partnership provides extensive value to our customers, allowing them to experience the agility and service of a small business with the financial backing and stability of a large enterprise. Learn more at