CANNON FALLS, Minnesota, November 8th, 2019 — Cannon Equipment, a market leader in designing and deploying custom material handling carts, equipment, conveyance, and aftermarket parts, announced today that it has launched the Infinity Sidehill Washer, pioneering sidehill screen technology in cleaning applications for the dairy industry.

“The Infinity Sidehill Washer truly revolutionizes crate cleaning for the dairy industry,” said Robyn Walker, President at Cannon Equipment. “We heard from our customers that they needed a reliable cleaning solution that would give them cleaner dairy crates with simplified machine maintenance – and that’s what we designed using parabolic screen technology with the Infinity Sidehill Washer.”

By incorporating patent-pending sidehill parabolic screen technology—which has never been used in dairy washers—this washer removes solid waste from the washing system before it can contaminate wash and rinse water or damage pumps and clog nozzles. The result is cleaner crates, reduced routine maintenance, and less risk of equipment failure. Compared to conventional washers, the Infinity Sidehill Washer allows users to spend up to 80% less time on washer maintenance and up to 70% less money on annual operating costs.

“By saving time and money with a more efficient and easier-to-use washer, our customers can spend more time where it matters – running their business and serving their customers,” commented Walker.

About Cannon Equipment:

Cannon Equipment designs and deploys custom material handling carts, equipment, conveyance, and aftermarket parts. We empower our customers to safely increase efficiencies and reduce overall costs by leveraging our highly collaborative team of industry-proven engineering experts and agile seasoned support teams with a shared commitment to delivering quality products and service with a steadfast focus on customers’ unique goals. In 2014, Cannon Equipment was acquired by Marmon Holdings, a division of the Berkshire Hathaway Company. This partnership provides extensive value to our customers, allowing them to experience the agility and service of a small business with the financial backing and stability of a large enterprise. Learn more at