Minimize Fatigue, Maximize Output

Minimize Fatigue, Maximize Output

The list of retail challenges seems to be growing each day. Cannon Equipment is laser-focused on designing and developing solutions that address a wide variety of challenges in the retail space. The retail handling solutions that Cannon Equipment delivers help retailers eliminate product damage, overcome labor shortages related to unloading, stocking, order picking, and fulfillment, minimize out-of-stocks, and reduce worker strain.

Custom Solutions to Unique Challenges

Cannon Equipment designs and builds custom retail handling solutions to solve some of the more unique challenges at retail. The experts at Cannon Equipment have the experience and know-how in material handling and eCommerce to help retailers become better at what they do.

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Efficient Solutions for Bottom Line Results

From power carts that enable stockers to effortlessly move heavier loads to power conveyors that get more done with less labor required, all Cannon Equipment solutions are designed to give retailers more control over their inventory.

A Single Source for Retail Challenges

From the backroom to the floor, from trucks coming in to orders going out, Cannon Equipment offers a full line of carts, conveyors, and related equipment that keeps products moving.

Prioritizing Safety & Efficiency

Cannon Equipment specializes in custom stocking, picking, and distribution solutions that help safely and efficiently transport the products, to get them unloaded faster and on the shelves quicker.

Partnership in Production

Retail customers of Cannon Equipment have come to rely on a unique, consultative experience that helps drive productivity and operational improvement.

Custom Solutions that Bring Results

The custom-designed material handling equipment solutions from Cannon Equipment deliver compelling ROI and enhanced operational effectiveness.

How can we enhance how your business moves? Contact us today.

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