Safely Increase Efficiencies

Safely Increase Efficiencies

For employees to work safer and more efficiently, they need material handling carts and conveyor systems that work the way your business works – seamlessly integrating into your unique processes and workflows. Cannon Equipment engineers and builds carts and conveyors that keep products moving, reduce injury, protect packages from damage, and increase delivery speeds.

Out of Sight, But Always Top of Mind

Because Cannon Equipment knows that storage space is premium, many of its products are designed to minimize their footprints and streamline storage when they’re not in use.

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Large or Small, Cannon Moves Them All

Cannon Equipment delivers on a pledge of value by providing simple, effective, and rugged designs that can be scaled across larger organizations with hundreds to thousands of locations and uses.

Prototyping Proves the Point

In-house engineering, design, and fabrication give Cannon Equipment the ability to turn ideas into prototypes that can be tested in real-world environments prior to rolling out across large enterprises.

Simply Simplifying Logistics Solutions

The business of logistics is hectic enough without having to struggle with material handling equipment. That’s why Cannon Equipment makes the design, delivery, and execution of projects easy for logistics customers.

Efficiency Leads to Accuracy

Inefficient equipment can lead to errors and delays, causing headaches to customers up and down the line. Cannon Equipment specializes in material handling solutions that keep those headaches at bay.

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