Innovations for an Ever-Changing Industry

Innovations for an Ever-Changing Industry

It’s no secret that there’s been a significant shift in the grocery industry, with continually evolving customer demands, buying habits, and supply chain challenges impacting nearly every aisle in every department. That’s why the engineers at Cannon Equipment continue to create innovative ideas to help with these new demands. Cannon Equipment offers a full line of carts and conveyance equipment and food retail handling solutions that streamline everything from the online order-picking process to display and stocking procedures. Built for easy maneuverability and operator comfort, these carts have become the industry standard.

Custom Grocery Solutions

Cannon Equipment has a dedicated team in place to develop, design, and build custom food retail handling solutions to solve each grocery retailer’s unique challenges. The Cannon Equipment team works in partnership with you to create the ideal material-handling systems and products to meet the demands of your locations and customers.

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Get a Handle on Material Handling

Decades of experience give Cannon Equipment the confidence and wisdom needed to address and meet every challenge. Each step from receiving to stocking to picking to handoff can be made more efficient with a Cannon Equipment solution. We’re here to help you get a handle on inbound & outbound material handling.

Bringing Innovation to Grocers Everywhere

The demands of grocery patrons are always changing, which means your operation is always evolving. Cannon Equipment has the experience and ingenuity to meet the demands of the grocery business both today and tomorrow.

Understanding the Challenge

Be it climate, demographics, or social norms, Cannon Equipment understands that each region in the country requires different solutions to meet the needs of grocery customers. The custom solutions built by Cannon Equipment engineers are developed in partnership with grocers to ensure that they meet the specific needs of their unique location.

Creating Better Experiences

From product handling to innovative Click and Collect solutions, Cannon Equipment designs, builds and delivers tools and systems that provide efficiency, compelling ROI, and unique experiences for BOPIS eCommerce and omnichannel grocery space.

Front to Back Solutions

As a part of the Marmon family of brands, Cannon Equipment has a unique advantage in having the ability to leverage the entire portfolio of Marmon brands to provide seamless front-to-back retail & order fulfillment solutions that give grocers a distinction in the marketplace.

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