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Innovative Food and Beverage Stocking Carts: Tailored To Your Operations

Innovative Food and Beverage Stocking Carts: Tailored To Your Operations

In the crowded food & beverage market, your goal is to sell products that stand out, look good, and keep up with changing consumer demands. At Cannon Equipment, the goal is to help get you there.

To keep pace with the food and beverage industry, Cannon Equipment focuses on equipment, such as our food and beverage stocking carts, that move products efficiently and can even do double duty if called to display products attractively and effectively. Cannon Equipment also engineers and builds conveyance equipment that is easy to operate, simple to maintain, and flexible enough to grow with your evolving business.

Leading-Edge Food & Beverage Solutions

The food and beverage industry is constantly in a state of change. That’s why you need a partner like Cannon Equipment, with the experience and ingenuity to design custom solutions that solve the industry’s unique challenges.

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Moving the Food & Beverage Industry Forward

Food & beverage suppliers, distributors, and retailers have come to trust Cannon Equipment for food and beverage stocking cart solutions that lead to efficient operations and boosted margins.

Custom Solutions

Each product, distribution channel and customer base presents its own unique challenges. Decades of research, experiences, and new technologies give Cannon Equipment an advantage in developing custom food and beverage stocking cart solutions to meet those challenges.

Longevity with Efficiency

Cannon Equipment is in the food & beverage business for the long haul. That’s why every piece of material handling equipment that Cannon Equipment builds for the industry is designed and built to be as rugged and durable as it is functional.

True Partnership

Cannon Equipment commits to all food & beverage customers key representation and high levels of customer service to provide quick reordering, prompt service support, and product design to meet the needs of this highly competitive market.

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