A Partner in eCommerce

A Partner in eCommerce

In the business of eCommerce, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; the best solutions always begin with you. Cannon Equipment starts every project by learning about your business, and understanding its unique processes and workflows. The Cannon team then collaborates with you to design and create a system that makes business better, improves operations, and ultimately saves time and money.

With You Every Step

As an eCommerce professional, you’re working every day to avoid product damage, reduce worker strain, and speed up transportation times. Cannon Equipment understands those challenges and goals because this team of experts has been serving eCommerce from the beginning – helping customers evolve, remain relevant, and continue to grow. Cannon Equipment designs custom product-handling solutions that are tailored to each eCommerce operation.

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Helping Lighten the eCommerce Load

Unlock Efficiency and Boost ROI with Cannon Equipment’s Expert eCommerce Solutions.

eCommerce Operations Experts

Decades of product handling and a variety of retail experience has positioned Cannon Equipment to be the expert partner in building a smooth and functional eCommerce operation.

From Warehouse to Staging

Practical carts and easy-to-use conveyor systems from Cannon Equipment become valuable assets to any eCommerce warehousing operation, enabling staff to move more product with less effort all shift long.

From Staging to Hand-Off

Cannon Equipment tote and inventory handling carts are designed for picking and display, providing multi-function convenience and flexible, practical applications that add to real ROI.

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Efficiency. That’s the one word that best defines the key to retail success moving forward in the post-pandemic era.

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