Cannon Equipment caters to a wide range of industries. Whether you're managing inventory in a retail store or keeping production moving in a manufacturing plant, our custom material handling solutions will transform your workspace. We focus on understanding your unique challenges and provide a solution that seamlessly integrates with your workflow, no matter your industry.

Everything From Grocery to Ecommerce, Our Customers Trust Us to Meet Their Challenges

Cannon Equipment isn’t just another manufacturer - we’re your partner in tackling those tough challenges. We build custom material handling solutions, designing and creating carts, equipment, and parts that fit right into your existing setup. By working directly with you, we will find the perfect answer to get your work flowing smoother and better.

Cannon Equipment isn't just about custom carts – we're problem-solving partners dedicated to optimizing your workspace. Imagine custom industrial carts that seamlessly integrate with your workflow, maximizing efficiency.

Ready to revolutionize your material handling? Contact Cannon Equipment for a consultation to discuss custom industrial cart solutions. Let's discuss how we can transform your workspace – because a smoother operation starts with the right equipment.

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Even the top brands have material-handling challenges. Read our case studies to see how the Cannon Equipment team of product designers and engineers met some of the biggest.

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