System Integration

Working within existing facilities lends challenges to any system designer. Understanding how current processes work and how a Cannon Equipment system will be worked into the current system is critical to system design success, this is called system integration.

System Integration involves an understanding of the current facility layout and then adjusting, using AutoCad files to place the new Cannon Equipment system or components into the layout. This means ceiling heights need to be taken into account as well as space and clearance between existing machines.

Lastly, system integration involves bringing all of the component equipment parts of a project together to create the final piece of automated equipment. In this process the electrical engineers are linking together electrical components and mechanical engineers are ensuring manufactured components are operating properly and fit together according to the design drawings. Additionally a team of programmers, fabricators, and machinists are onsite performing the assembly.

At this time, additional components may be needed or required to complete the system. Items such as banders, shrinkwrappers, labelers or tracking technology can bring the entire project together.