Industry Experience

At Cannon Equipment, we’ve been engineering automated machinery solutions in North America for more than 60 years. We specialize in equipment upgrades and custom designed systems for plants processing products in the following markets:

  • Dairy
    • Fluid Milk
    • Ice Cream
    • Cheese
    • Butter
    • Eggs
  • Newspaper
  • Bakery
  • Snack Foods

With our years of experience and extensive engineering background, Cannon Equipment is able to develop customized, streamlined systems which maximize plant efficiency. Whether you choose a completely integrated system, or a stand alone unit, our advanced product offering improves plant operation every step of the way. We develop specific component equipment and systems that:

  • Receive and wash empty cases, carts, or dollies
  • Convey bottles, cartons, and cases
  • Stack cases and cartons
  • Fill and packaging lines
  • Provide cold storage
  • Automate order picking and load out processes
  • Palletize cases and cartons
  • Automatically load CannonCarts®

At Cannon Equipment, we adapt to fit your specific needs. Even though we have a complete line of after-the-filler handling machinery, we are always ready to custom design a particular piece of equipment or an entire material handling system to fit a specific need. No one does it better.

Processors who have made a commitment to automated equipment are generating a profitable return on their investments. Automated machinery from Cannon Equipment reduces handling costs for processors, while cart distribution allows for more efficient delivery, receiving, storage, stocking and rotation at retail locations.

Engineering Experience

At Cannon Equipment, we’ve been engineering automated solutions in North America for more than 60 years. We specialize in basic equipment upgrades and custom designed systems for plants processing various types of products.

The Cannon Equipment engineering staff has over 150 years of combined design experience between each team member. These individuals have worked together developing remarkable automated systems used in the following industries:

  • Fluid Milk – Closed loop distribution using plastic cases, corrugated cases, automated loaders and carts/dollies
  • Newspaper – Closed loop distribution using carts
  • Bakery – Closed loop distribution using plastic trays, carts/dollies
  • Butter –High speed merge system for individual packages, specialized conveyor system
  • Eggs – Closed loop distribution using automated loaders and carts
  • Cheese – Automated palletizing of large barrels

It is because of our long and rooted history that we are able to design and produce a product that operates flawlessly, is easily maintained and is proven effective. Additionally, because each system operates with the same basic skeleton, our engineering team has been able to design standard controls, components, and parts which also enable cost savings.


Machines are designed and manufactured to order using a combination of proven “off the shelf” technology and new or enhanced designs to meet customer requirements. All machines are backed with Cannon warranty and supported by our in house service department.


Each machine is designed with operating parameters to exceed customer specified targets including a 10% safety factor applied to the operating speed. HMI’s and control panels are designed to be intuitive and easy to operate. Complete operating instructions provided.


All production is built to design engineering specifications. A formal nonconformance system is in place, documenting issues and corrective actions.


Machines are designed to be reliable and easy to maintain. Machine manuals include “as built” assembly drawings, recommended spare parts and preventative maintenance program. Service Techs and Engineers are available for trouble shooting assistance and service calls as required.

Reduce Costs

Cannon’s size combined with a highly structured supply chain management system focused on continuous cost improvement; provide customers with the very best combination of quality and pricing for raw material and components.

Our engineers are educated and well versed in the design, development and inclusion of many system features and are able to determine what features will work best for any particular system. Most systems include a combination of automated machinery such as:

  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Robotics
  • Conveying (drag chain, table top chain, modular belting, product tracking, sortation systems)
  • Cart/Dolly Automation (loaders, unloaders, washers, storage and accumulation lanes, stackers, casers)
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
    • Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD – Mechanical Design
    • Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2D CAD – System Layout/Design
    • Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2D CAD – Electrical Design

Our Value Added Philosophy

Bringing value to our customers, every day

Cannon Equipment differentiates it’s self among other competitors by offering a hands-on approach.

Direct Sales Force:

We have a dedicated team of direct sales professionals with an average of 10 years of service to Cannon Equipment. These individuals are able to access a situation and make appropriate recommendations to our customers to ensure a project is clearly understood and then work alongside the customer to design the best solution.

Domestic Manufacturing and LCE Capabilities

Cannon Equipment operates two (2) manufacturing facilities located in Minnesota with top of the line production capabilities. Our parent company has offices located in China staffed with employees that manage overseas sourcing projects. This allows Cannon Equipment to offer LCE capabilities to our customers.

Engineering Advantage, Custom Design

The custom design development process is an intensive period of time that involves our electrical and mechanical engineering teams, manufacturing team, system designers and management team in a series of meetings and development sessions. The process we adhere to is referred to as a Stage-Gate process.

Focus on Safety and Ergonomics

Above all else, Cannon Equipment is focused on the safety of our employees and of our customers. Each and every Cannon Equipment product is designed for optimum ergonomic operation and tested for various hazards.


No one has more experience than Cannon Equipment when it comes to design and manufacturing CannonCarts® and Automated Machinery. Our expertise is unmatched.

Customer Service

A positive Customer Service experience is essential to the success of Cannon Equipment which is why we have taken a personalized approach to customer service. Our dedicated Customer Service team is able to answer questions about quotes, proposals, samples, prototypes, orders, parts, shipping and fulfillment.

Additionally, Cannon Equipment has Service Technicians strategically located throughout the US. Our service techs assist with system installation, testing and any maintenance needs of our automated machinery customers.


Cannon Equipment celebrates our commitment to operating socially and environmentally responsible annually, where employees take part in continued education seminars and participate in various community service projects.