Mechanical Engineering Design

Superior mechanical and electrical engineering is a core component to designing and manufacturing a successful automated system.

Mechanical Engineering uses various principles to design, develop, and manufacture machines as well as mechanical systems. At Cannon Equipment our mechanical engineers are included in each project from the ground up, ensuring the ideas and needs of each customer can be accomplished and designed in a safe manner. Most automated equipment is modularly designed, meaning there are parts and pieces that are similar and can be used in nearly all machines. This enables our mechanical engineers to re-use proven technologies to create system components.

Through an intensive design review process each and every adjustment is documented and reviewed. This makes certain that the final product is manufactured exactly to the drawings and specifications.

  • Complete machine design from concept to completion using AutoDesk Inventor and/or AutoCAD Mechanical Software
  • Safety “built in” to every machine from initial risk assessment through final Safety Audit
  • Each machine is built to order using a combination of proven technology and custom engineered solutions
  • Project Engineers “own” their product lines, maximizing efficiency and design integrity
  • Design calculations
  • Complete Electronic Machine Manual including Operating Instructions, Maintenance Recommendations, Spare Parts and As Built drawing package