Accidents happen. Even during what seems like a simple task of stocking a retail shelf, a lot can go wrong – and our customers have seen it all. A few real life scenarios include:

  • The employee who stands on the top handle of a stepstool to reach a high shelf
  • The employee who actually climbs shelving to stock products
  • Then there’s the employee who resorts to throwing products to a top shelf

What could go wrong? As our customers know, quite a lot!

While the examples above illustrate some of the more outrageous situations, the fact is that stocking does have its hazards – even when proper safety protocols are followed.

Retail workers have higher injury rate than the construction industry

Stockroom workers lift and load heavy merchandise and continually bend and reach, which are all activities that can lead to back and shoulder injuries. These same employees are also susceptible to falls or falling objects (even when they’re following proper procedures).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most commonly reported retail workplace hazards are overexertion from lifting or lowering and falls. In fact, retail workers actually suffer a higher injury rate than the construction industry.

To mitigate injury and worker fatigue you work diligently to encourage employee safety and most likely implement safety programs and teach proper lifting techniques.

However, even the most stringent safety programs can fall short if you don’t have the right equipment.

A Better Way to Stock

At Cannon Equipment, our customers told us they needed a safer way to stock the top shelf. We listened and designed the Easy Stock Cart, one of the easiest, safest, and most efficient stocking solutions in the industry.

With this cart employees won’t need to resort to unsafe stocking workarounds because they’ll have the best tool for the job. The Easy Stock Cart features a built-in ladder, which means employees no longer need to carry a separate ladder or stepstool to reach high shelves. No more using a stepstool incorrectly, climbing shelving, or throwing products!

This cart was designed for safety with an ergonomic design and an integrated single pedal locking footbrake so you can reduce worker strain and keep workers safe while stocking. Plus, three levels of open shelving allow employees to haul more product from the backroom to the retail floor to speed up stocking times.

While some accidents are unavoidable, you can significantly reduce their likelihood by moving to a safer stocking solution. The Easy Stock Cart from Cannon Equipment is your answer for safer, faster, and more efficient stocking.

How Can Cannon Equipment Help You Improve Worker Safety?

For more information on the Easy Stock Cart, download our overview or contact us to schedule a consultation.